Friday, February 18, 2011

The perfect Painting

I really like this sweet little bedroom. Its colours are serene, a perfect mix for mind and soul in order to have a wonderful relaxing night. But it is also a little bit boring. Artwise.

The print on the wall certainly matches the colour concept but it is boring. Even for a little room like this one you could do so much more with the right piece of art.

Now I found the perfect painting for it that would give this room some more attraction - don't you agree? Even if this is probably "only" a guestroom the painting adds an extra atmosphere. I am kind of surprised myself how a single piece on the wall can have so much impact. But I should have known...

I do not want to diminish the work of the interior designer in any way but I want to show that a single piece of art can make a lot of difference - to the better, sometimes to the worse. It is all a matter of taste, emotion and attitude. But it is worth to take time to look for the right piece.

(original image source

The acrylic painting is called Red Door and belongs to the Reminiscences series. It has been shown various times in different environments. You can see this here:

 "Red Door"
(from the Reminiscences series)
26" x 18", acrylic
©Petra Voegtle
If you would like to know more about this painting i.e. the history and background please see this link. If you would like to see more paintings of this series please see here.


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