Wednesday, February 9, 2011


More and more so-called designer hotels are sprouting. People become bored by "regular" hotels so more hotels start to think about an alternative. Why should smart hotel owners not use and invest in assets which are a bit out of the norm? As in this case.

A while ago I found this on the Internet and I thought you might be intrigued as much as I was about this very special interior design. I am talking here about a complete transformation which has resulted into something really beautiful: "a historic metamorphosis" as it is called on the website of the Martin's Hotels family in Belgium. It says:
"Martin's Patershof, the latest addition to the Martin's Hotels family, is a world first. In the historic heart of Mechelen, midway between Brussels and Antwerp, this 19th century Franciscan church has metamorphosed into a stupendous four-star hotel. A new universe of hospitality from Martin's Hotels which perpetuates the building's prime vocation. In an ultra-modern fashion and with the greatest respect for the integrity of the location. A substantial project, a feat of technology and taste, a heritage saved and reinvented, a completely new experience." (from
I think this transformation of a chapel into a hotel has been accomplished with dignity. There is no need to think that this might be a blasphemy. Of course it is always sad when a church or any other formerly sacred building is doomed but isn't it much better to apply a new meaning to such a place instead of letting it rot as it is happening to so many? The beauty has been conserved! Isn't this the true meaning?



Bar Design said...

I agree that it is better, and perhaps more respectful to use and appreciate a building than to demolish it which is sadly the fate of many old Churches.

The lighting is sympathetic and I love the stained glass..

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment!
Additionally I would say it is far more better to have hotely in such such a place than anything profane such as a disco etc.
Maybe the one or other person who sleeps in rooms like these worships the ancient beauty of these places...

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