Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rhythm in Interior Design and the Bedroom

The columns of classic interior design are defined by 6 major rules:
  1. proportion and scale
  2. balance
  3. contrast
  4. colours and textures
  5. rhythm
  6. harmony
These are more or less the same rules which also apply to the composition of a painting. So for me the design of a room is comparable with a painting in 3d format. Either you feel good in it or not.

In this room vignette clearly the rule of rythm is followed by the silk painting on the wall repeating the pattern of the rug, not to speak of the colours which can be found in the art as well. Additionally I virtually placed the painting into a large golden frame in order to repeat the gilded chair. As everything else is kept rather simple the frame would add a focal point to this room without being too dominant. Without the artwork though the room would look a bit gloomy...

 original image source and with courtesy of 
The painting is created on silk. Inspired by the rice terraces of southeast Asia it recalls memories of mystical landscapes in the early morning hours when the damp air from the night rises with the first sunbeams.

"Ricefields at Dawn"
(from the Magic Landscapes series) 
40" x 21", silk (without frame)
©Petra Voegtle
You can see other room examples with this painting here.


Unknown said...

Great tips, rythm and contrast add a lot of character to classic interiors

K&B by the Sea said...

Wow, the painting and the gold frame are perfect for that bedroom!

I think brass nailhead trim on the headboard would be the perfect finishing touch :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your visit, design travellor!

Unknown said...

That's what I thought too, Kelly.
Thank you for your comment! Have a nice weekend....

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