Monday, August 23, 2010

A Touch of Colour in the Bedroom...

I like this little bedroom with its stylish graphic decor although I am missing colour a bit here. So I thought I would add just a bit of an eyecatcher with a modern painting rather than leaving that net over the bed. I love mosquito nets as an element of romantic decor but in this case I would prefer a bit more colour.

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The acrylic painting belongs to the Reminiscences series, a painting series, that was created from my photo documentary about the Olympic Student Village in Munich, that has been torn down 2 years ago in order to be re-constructed.

In order to create a kind of memorial for the beautiful and often funnily painted walls which are now all lost I took hundreds of photos from the village. But this was not enough for me - I also decided to create a painting series from the most impressive and beautiful parts i.e. walls, doors and windows. The peeling paints and especially the marks all the vines left on the plaster created wonderful patterns and structures. There is an extra photo series only about these wall motifs which you will find here.

More about the painting itself and the whole series you can find under this link .

(from the Reminiscences series)
26" x 18", acrylic
©Petra Voegtle


DesignTies said...

Your painting adds a fantastic pop of colour in this bedroom -- love it!!

I remember seeing your series of photos from the Olympic Student Village -- you have a great eye for finding the most interesting details to photograph :-)


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Kelly!

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