Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art for Sophisticated Interior

In case you did not know yet I created another little blog as a resource and selling platform for my (currently) art work so that it can easily be found, with lots of detail photos and little text. The images should speak for themselves.
Lots of keywords have been entered, so that you can look for colours, various media, themes, titles. Additionally I added a search function which also should help to find things quickly. I thought that this is much easier to handle than a website or a blog where you have to scroll through lots of text.
Nevertheless I am offering links to the descriptions and "making of" the pieces - in case you want to know - and links to this blog here with examples of rooms where the art could look simply great.

The idea of the additional blog came into my mind because I often find websites and blogs where it is absolutely not evident at all whether you can buy the objects that are shown and where you can buy it. Even contacts are sometimes difficult to find. You have to look around and search, it takes too much time and in the end I believe potential customers are simply frustrated and give up. I don't want to repeat these mistakes.

The subject "prices" though is an entirely different thing. Although my prices are fixed in general I still want to have a chance for negotiation on certain works. Prices are also dependant on shipping and insurance costs. I can guarantee though that I will answer any question regarding my work within 24 hours.

I would appreciate it very much if you would let me know what you think about this idea or whether you recognize any mistakes here...


DesignTies said...

I think a blog specifically for selling your artwork is a great idea :-) I love "Aquamarine" and "Iceworld" -- they're both so beautiful!!

You're absolutely right, pretty much everything I learned in the Business of Design seminars can apply to any creative business. The seminars were quite expensive, but I gained lots of very valuable information.


Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your valuable input. It is really helpful for me to receive some feedback.
So far I have only sold via gallery and art competitions but there you get hardly any input on your art it self or the way it is presented especially when you cannot be present. This is extremely frustrating sometimes...

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