Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have not been lazy...

We are in the second week of the new year already and it is time to pick up writing again. I hope you all had a nice switch from the old year and now are full of energy to realize all your plans you made.

I am not going to list mine now in a long sermon - plans are only plans, goals - whether they can become achievements we will see at the end of this year. But I am working on them and I am optimistic. Every year is a new chance to change something, to reset your values like cleaning up your computer and I find it extremely exciting where the paths are leading to.

While I still have to take care for my 3 sweet pigeons who are still sick it also has become a kind of routine, giving me time to go back to my main profession and obsession - painting. With little relapses from time to time where I have to intensivate care there are little steps of progress though which help me to believe that all 3 of them are recovering one day. They are like a family member to me that is in need of care. This can take a lot of your time, it cuts off part of your freedom but on the other hand you get back much love and joy. Without this I would never have been able to start my new painting series about our pigeons with that intensity and understanding. You obtain a deeper insight into their personalities which would be impossible without living with them so closely.

I very much hope that I can pass this understanding, beauty and magnificence of these birds on to you, the viewer.
And if the paintings can change prejudices, profound aversion and misjudgements of a few people only I have already achieved my goal.

Currently I have finished 3 paintings and am working on number 4. I have placed these paintings into a virtual gallery in order to show them as a unit. Depending on the right frames these paintings will easily fit into many interiors.
Examples will follow....

(Please click on the image to see a much larger version)

If you would like to see details of the paintings please use this link

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