Sunday, November 15, 2009

Romance with Cast Iron and Silk

Yellow is friendly, it is warm and cozy and if it is the right hue it is like the sun.
I like this room very much and I absolutely love this 4-poster bed in cast iron. It looks so wonderfully old-fashioned and romantic. The only thing I did not like in this room was the painting that was placed on the wall. There was too much additional yellow. If you check the original photo you will understand what I mean.

If this were my room I would have rather hung this silk painting on the wall. The Valley just adds the right contrast to this room colour without being too prominent and hard in my opinion.
If you would like to check the details of this painting from the Magic Landscapes series - please check this link.

original image source from

"The Valley"
(from the Magic Landscapes Series)
silk, 21" x 40"
©Petra Voegtle

A different impression here with the painting in a gilded wooden frame, although it could be hung easily without any frame as it is gallery wrapped. In certain environments a beautiful frame yet can enhance the whole value of a piece of art.



Unknown said...

I can so very much relate to your feelings towards history, love the work above and this bedroom, so warm!


Unknown said...

Haha - did you have the same experience? My - these kids of today have so many interesting and entertaining possibilities to learn and teachers have access to so many media to make class enjoyable but apparently this is not used...

Furniture removal said...

I adore the ceiling designs and the color of the room. The painting canvas ads romance in the entire room. It’s perfect room for couple.

Wedding registry said...

I think the art canvas really did bring a big impact on this interior design. it’s beautiful and very romantic room.

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