Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light as a Feather...

I apologize for not posting much these days but I was (and still am) very busy working on a new painting series. So you may understand that I need to set priorities. As much as I love blogging and looking for new opportunities to show you what wonderful interiors can be found out there - sometimes not everyhing you like to do is manageable any more and I wished I had another pair of hands and more than 24 hours a day.

The painting here is the latest that I finished and I thought I show you two beautiful environments where the very same painting looks completely different, depending on frame and surrounding colours: in the very light room it looks dreamlike, with a touch of romance, in the dark room the painting serves as a kind of optical brightener, giving the elegant room a more cheerful touch.

As I already said the painting is the startup of a new series about one of my favourite subjects: pigeons (finally). It is called Contemplation on a Feather. As you may know I am writing a documentary and diary about a feral pigeon family who lives on my balcony since nearly 2 years now. This diary contains many stories and photos about pigeons, who are extremely underestimated and misjudged. These birds are highly intelligent, make very funny companions and are absolutely amiable. If only more people would realize how special these birds are. Maybe you will change your mind too if you start reading my blog Pigeon Tales. You will learn a lot of things you probably did not know before.

If you would like to see more details of the painting please use this link.

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with courtesy of
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Contemplation on a Feather
(from the Pigeons series)
18" x 26" acrylic

©Petra Voegtle

The painting looks very different depending on the frame it is mounted in. This is just an example I like very much because it looks so romantic...




Lovely colors in your work, very delicate and subtle.

It's funny about the pigeons— I was in Venice a while ago, waiting at a piazza for a restaurant to open for dinner. Another English speaker was on the pay phone a few feet away, waxing on VERY enthusiastically about pigeons and all of their marvels— everything from the history, place in various cultures, how underestimated they are, etc. And this conversation went on for around half an hour, god knows how long after that!

At the time, I thought his enthusiasm for such an unusual subject was humorous, but now I see that he may have been on to something!



Unknown said...

Lauren, thank you very much for your kind words. It is nice to hear other people speaking so nicely about pigeons. This really warms my heart. I only wish that I can change a tiny little bit about people's misperception about pigeons - with my work and with the diary. I can ony say again that I love these birds and that they are a gift not a pest.

Garden Lily said...

I am quite fond of pigeons, although knowing a "family" of pigeons myself as a child, they can produce 2 offspring every 4 weeks, so sometimes it seems too much of a good thing is not so appreciated anymore. Now that I'm a home-owner, I'm a bit more indifferent, and prefer they find a home elsewhere. I wish I still had the same fondness, and your stories brought back some of those feelings.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful.Amazing.
You are make pretty work!

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