Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Angel's Face on the Wall...

A bedroom that emanates innocence, a long gone era, simplicity and a time full of tenderness.
The silk carving on the wall is an Apsara, one of those heavenly statues and sculptures carved into the walls of Angkor Wat's temples.
If you would like to know more details about Apsara from the series of the Angkor's Faces and Figures please check this link.

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( from the Angkor's Faces series)
silk carving, 14" x 14"
©Petra Voegtle


CrazieGracie∞ said...

Your use of trapunto is ingenious. I haven't seen anything as unique as Aspara in ages.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much! It is actually more than trapunto. Trapunto is normally one layer of stuffing material between 2 quilting lines. What I am doing is actually sculpting sometimes 5 to 6 layers from the reverse side. Especially faces require a lot of different layers.

Jewels, Journals & Fine Art said...

I hope you have much success with your art. Little Miss Know It All and I are rooting for you. We will spread the word.

Unknown said...

Hi Will, that's very sweet of you to say! Thank you very much for your support!

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