Friday, December 19, 2008

An opulent silk Art Quilt in a Designer's Living Room

There are a lot of people who do prefer the minimalist interior of their home. Whether it's an overall aversion against all kinds of ornamentation, a longing for being trendy (whatever that might mean) or simply someone with a love for straight "things" without any curlicues - there is a demand out there for the pure. The problem is that these kinds of rooms often appear cold, repellent and even hostile. The solution for this is to offer at least one counterpiece.
What I mean with this, is this example. A room furnished with only the basics and then a piece of art on the wall that seems to be quite the contrary: opulent and decorative. But in this context it does not change the demand for a reduced interieur at all but it offers a place for the eyes to rest on and feel comfortable.

For details of the art quilt Golden Nymph click here

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