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GUEST POST: Bedroom Lighting Tips

This is a guest post from Ross Donald, interior design specialist
 with the light fixtures suppliers at

Bedroom Lighting Tips

The last room you visit at night and the first room you see in the morning, your bedroom is your solitary chamber in your home. There are, of course like any other room in the home, many aspects of design that come together to complete the aesthetic appeal of a room. One aspect of this spectrum of design comes from lighting, and the choices that you make when lighting a room greatly influence the atmosphere of the room itself. Here are a few great pointers for illuminating a room that needs both darkness and light.

Know the size and function
Bedrooms come in different shapes and sizes, and each person approaches their bedroom with their own unique demands for what they need it to do. Is this room strictly for sleeping or will you be engaging in other activities? The bedroom is gaining popularity as a media / reading room, and these create their own demands in lighting.

Install multiple options
A general rule for interior lighting is that there should be several different types of lighting in any room. Essentially you want lighting that is fashionable and lighting that is functional. Imagine a bar at closing time: the whole night they have the bar lights on to set the mood, but after last call the bright house lights come on so the staff can clean the place up.
Mornings in your bedroom might typically entail getting dressed for work, meaning you’ll probably want sufficient lighting to make sure your chose regalia for the day does not cause people to mock your fashion sense. A strong centralized light source such as a ceiling mounted chandelier works great for bringing light to the entire room.
In the evening you may want to sleep while your significant other wants to stay up and read. In this case the use of small focused lighting, akin to what you see on an airline, makes a great addition that gives sufficient directed lighting for reading without causing a distraction that keeps the other person awake.

Think outside the nightstand
Tableside lamps are the traditional lighting companion for the bed but they are not the only choice you have. Hanging lamps with pendant shades can bring soft intimate touches to the bedroom and while sconces bring a suave contemporary framing style to your bedroom. Both of these have the added feature of freeing up space on your bedside table, and if you’re anything like me, the open space on that nightstand is a rather rare real estate commodity.

Adapt and Adjust
Don’t leave yourself short socketed in your bedroom design. Install plenty of wall sockets, a few at different heights, so that you have the flexibility to add light where you want it. Installing dimmer switches are a remarkable addition to the bedroom that allow you to almost literally set the mood with adjustable luminosity.
The last call in how to light and set the mood is up to you though. Every design project should always reflect your tastes as an individual, or, if you’re married, your wife’s.

Ross Donald is a writer and interior design specialist with the light fixtures suppliers at

Thank you, Ross, for this lovely post!

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