Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LUXURY FANTASIES: Ornaments which make you drool

I was not quite sure whether I should put this really under LUXURY FANTASIES because normally the objects I describe here, are hardly accessible for "normal people" with an average income - but this time I use it in a different sense, the LUXURY of FANTASY. I am talking about the work of Melanie Royals from  the Royal Design Studio and her crew and some ways to turn your home into a luxury accomodation.

Melanie is the highly talented artist who makes this luxury accessible to anyone who has a bit of artistic talent and - if not - at least supplies you with the necessary resources i.e. materials and potentially the professionally trained artisan in your area to fulfill your dreams of a luxury home.

I can show you only a very small collection of images from her work and I recommend you to check her official website of the Royal Design Studio and scroll though hundreds of images and let your fantasy go bonkers.

For example there are
Allover Production Stencils: "Production pattern stencils allow you to complete allover wall stencil patterns quickly. Each Production stencil pattern contains multiple repeats of the allover pattern, meaning that you will not have to reposition your allover wall stencil as frequently" 

Ceiling Motif Stencils: "These ceiling stencils are the perfect way to add stenciled color and pattern to the "fifth wall"."

Nature Harvest Stencils:  "This stencil collection features classic fruit and foliage stencils that are ideal for adding stenciled accents to kichen and dining room walls, as well as stenciling on fabric and furniture."

And various ethnic collections - which I love specifically - such as the
Moroccan Stencils: "This collection of Moroccan stencils was created for, and inspired by, three painting trips to Marrakech, Morocco."

But this is not all. There are stencils you could use for slipcovers - imagine how to give your old chairs a complete renovation with just a stenciled slipcover.

And what about stenciling some simple boxes - they could be turned into some precious vessels for your little secrets...pretty little Christmas presents that do not cost you a fortune but are handmade with love.

(all images with courtesy and copyright of Melanie Royals)

But this is still not all: Melanie also offers various books and videos, on-line workshops as well as DVD's where you can train and explore your own artistic talents including several free How-To's about the basic techniques.

Melanie Royals is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur who re-discovered and updated decorative arts stenciling beginning in 1984 and founded Royal Design Studio in San Diego, California in 1991. The first catalogue of pre-cut designer stencils was released in 1994. In it, the studio introduced an entirely new concept, "free-form" stenciling, which is now a much-copied, industry staple. Melanie and her crew continue to create new looks and inspirational techniques.

And if you would like to know more about Melanie's personal views and experiences - she also writes a wonderful blog: Designamour that says it all...


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