Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bedroom under the Roof and a Winter Landscape

There is nothing spectacular in this bedroom and it does not even look similar yet it reminds me of my childhood just because it is directly beneath the roof with slanting walls.

My bedroom at my parents house was the highest beneath the roof, it had 2 slanting walls, 2 small windows with a breathtaking view over the valley towards the mountains and my father had made a built-in bed just beneath one of those slanting walls. The room was small but for a child it was heavenly and cozy. In the early morning I was awakened by the singing blackbirds which had their nests beneath the roof and I could hear their scratching on the wood when they climbed into their nest. Funny how seeing a totally different room can recall such memories...

As usual I virtually added some art to the wall which I would certainly do if this room were mine - this time I added a photo with a winter landscape which is very appropriate at this time of the year. I decided to introduce also my photography. I tend to forget that photos can add a lot of charme to a room not only paintings. I have quite a stock of wonderful photographs in the meanwhile and it would be a shame not to take this opportunity to share them with you.

Here is the original photo with a blank wall. It looks a bit impersonal at this stage:

Below is the photograph with the winter landscape that I thought to be perfect for this room:

©Petra Voegtle

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