Thursday, August 9, 2012

The perfect Painting on this Wall

When I saw this picture for the first time it occurred to me immediately that I had the perfect painting for this wall. The wall firmly screamed for even more orange colours...

 (original image source:

The above image is probably only from a showroom but if this vignette were part of your livingroom or a hotel lobby (even more then) I would place this 3-panel silk painting right on this wall. Isn't it made exactly for this place - what do you think?

The painting consists of 3 silk panels which could be hung separately even as each one is a complete image in itself. The semi-surrealistic motif has been inspired by the awsome canyons you can find on the North American continent.

(from the Magic Landscapes series)

40" x 63", Triptych, silk
©Petra Voegtle

I have added some details of this painting to show you the colour hues and textures in close view:


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