Friday, August 28, 2009

Outstanding modern Design

If you haven't seen this already I would like to direct you to an extraordinary design: the interior of a new restaurant in Boston.
"Banq is the new restaurant in the old Penny Savings Bank (1375 Washington Street, Boston, MA) at the base of the old banking hall, designed by Office dA. The restaurant interior offers unique experience for guests and they’ll be remembering this restaurant design. The wall and ceilings were decorate using wave element made from unique pieces of three-quarter-inch birch plywood adhered together..." (continue to read here)

(original image source from

The principal and founder of this design company is Monica Ponce de Leon, born in Venezuela. The company has received numerous awards for their salient designs.

I think this is an excellent example where architecture, interior design, art and craftsmanship result in a perfect sinfonia.


French bedroom furniture said...

I don't care what the food is like, I just want to go there, sit down, and admire the place. It's fantastic and fabulous!

Unknown said...

It is and I think if I could go there I would entirely forget to eat - LOL.

House Home Garden said...

Hi Petra,
How stunningly beautiful! Wonderful.
Thanks for posting.

affordable search engine optimization said...

Wow! Amazing! I’ve never seen like it before. The details of this design is simple enthralling.

Moebel said...

That is an amazing design. I like it, its like beeing in an cave or an old vaulted cellar, just in a more futuristic look. Great!

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Beautiful looks like a grotto

SEO Australia said...

How incredibly beautiful! Wonderful. Thank you for posting.

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